Women's Cenotaph

The Women's Cenotaph pays tribute to all the women of the Civil War (1861-1865). During this most difficult period women were at the very center of the story of those tragic years. Countless mothers, wives, soldiers, nurses, medics, doctors, business women, plantation owners, writers, teachers, spies and friends were involved in the conflict as well as famous historical figures such as Mary Todd Lincoln, Clara Barton, Dr. Mary Walker and Harriet Tubman.

The Women's Cenotaph was created during the summer of 2007 by Waterloo resident Doris Buckley Wolf and her family. Four generations participated: Doris Buckley Wolf, her mother Martha Clark Buckley, her daughter Terri-Lynn Wolf Braun and her granddaughters Rachel Leigh and Ansley Lura Braun.

Women's Cenotaph
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