American Civil War Memorial Site ~ Locust St. (Lock Island), Waterloo, NY

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Program ~

6:15 pm Processional from Vern’s Way to Lock Island
6:30 Welcome and Official Greetings - Introduction and Recognition of Dignitaries and Honored Guests
6:35 Dedication of Flag Pole - Presentation and Posting of United States 1865 Flag
6:40 Cannon and Musket Salutes
6:42 Star Spangled Banner - Patriots Chorus with City Fiddle Accompaniment
6:45 Pledge of Allegiance
6:46 Dedication Prayer
6:48 Second Inaugural Speech - Abe Lincoln
6:59 Presentation of stones from the thirty-six states of 1865 for inclusion in the North- South Cenotaph
7:03 First Memorial Day Reenactment
7:16 Presentation of Memorial Wreath - Cannon and Musket Salutes
7:20 Memorial Addresses and Closing Remarks
7:28 Final Salute in Tribute to all our Veterans
7:29 Sounding of Taps
7:30 Recessional and Procession to Civil War Ball


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