THE CENOTAPHS ~ Fifty-eight soldiers from Waterloo died in the Civil War. At the time of their deaths the men ranged in age from eighteen to forty-seven years old. Each is remembered with a cenotaph made of Indiana silver buff limestone and a brass plaque. The townspeople of Waterloo were involved in the creation of the cenotaphs. During the summers of 2007 and 2008 residents and visitors worked with the designer carving the cenotaphs.

A listing of the Waterloo Fallen is shown below along with the sculptor(s) of each cenotaph. A Cenotaph Plan is also provided. The cenotaphs are arranged by regiment with the largest numbers belonging to the 33rd, the 148th and the 126th New York Infantry.

Cenotaph Plan

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The Waterloo Fallen 1861 - 1865

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